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Below are a few video clips of my guitars in action.

Here's a little clip showing how my guitars are made:


Here's a clip of Nadav Tabak, an incredible guitarist, playing a bunch of different styles and showing off a few of the guitar designs:

Here's a concert clip from the 3D Print Show in London:

And another concert clip from the 3D Print Show in London, with the band playing the show theme music live:

And, here is what they sound like when an awesome musician (Dave Marks) uses them for the theme music for the 3D Print Show in London:


And here's someone jamming out at the 3D Printer Shop in the South Park Mall (Charlotte, NC), playing one of the earlier pre-production versions.

And a short clip of a visitor to the 3D Systems stand, also playing one of the earlier pre-production versions:


And, just for historical sake...

Here is my first attempt at posting a little video clip to demonstrate the sound of the earlier versions of 3D printed guitars. My apologies, first of all, for the quality of my playing but, I hasten to add, I make no claims about being a wizard guitar player. Give me a bass and we'll talk... :-)


The two in the clip are the pre-production prototype designs shown above and have fairly decent hardware on them. I still have a way to go in learning how to set the action properly, but am getting better at it every day. But, it will be hopefully be enough to show you that the guitars sound like electric guitars, and the quite obvious differences in sound one gets by changing the pickups and/or neck. I, personally, really like the incredibly clean sound produced by the Langacaster active pickups.

At later stage, I will do the same test with 2 identical hardware guitars, and only a different inner wooden core of mahogany and maple to get a true comparison that the material makes to the sound. I will also make sure I have someone who plays better than I do to do the demonstration.

It might also be worth adding that the strings one the two 3D printed guitars were brand new, whereas the ones on the Strat´╗┐ were several months old (I dont change them nearly as often as I should). And new strings tend to have a more metallic sound than older ones.

For those of you who wonder about the strength and durability of the 3D printed bodies, literally 3 minutes before I started the video camera, both the guitars fell off the chairs they were on (I blame the dog) and lived through it quite happily.





copyright 2011, olaf diegel